Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sharing God's truth to the thirsty is unlike any accomplishment. Yesterday my dad invited me to speak at his youth group ( My dad is a pastor of a congregation just south of Tel Aviv) . This was the smallest crowd I had spoken to in a while ( 2 kids, and 2 adult leaders one of them my dad ) yet when preparing for this time, I knew God had a word for these kids. God wants to define who we are, but by speaking to our souls.

The Hebrew word "Bara" is create, yet in the bible this word is only referred to God the only one who can call something into existence. When God created Man, he look and saw that it was Tov Meod, " very good" . As we are a new creation in Messiah, God looks at us and says Tov Meod. We are that new creation that he intends us to be , and God will define who we are.
As these two kids soaked it in , I was reminded how God cares for all who seek him, gently reminding myself to seek God with all my heart, so that He, and he alone, would define me in the Spirit.

Friday, July 22, 2011

I have been teaching John 17 the past 2 weeks. As we study the prayer of Yeshua for us, i am astounded on how much God wants to define who we are. So often we are caught up in "what" God wants us to do and what places and postions he has for us in the kingdom. Yet God's desire is that we would fulfill the calling Paul talks about in Ephesians 4, sure we all have a postions and a place, but our true " calling " is to become one with God, and with the whole body of messiah and that all we do would edify the Body.
Yeshua says , I and the father are one and I do nothing but what is of the father. This is his prayer for me and it is my prayer that I would do nothing but what is of the Father. That all I do would edify and building the body so that those who see us will know that Yeshua was sent from the Father.

Let the love that is between the Father and Son abide in me through the spirit.

Be Glorified.

Off to Reserve duty on Sunday for 2 -4 weeks.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The age i remember most is 17. Those days i really believed i could accomplish anything and that all things would go as planned. Passion consumed me. Being real was of the highest value. Slowly you grow up accomplishing some of what you set out to do, and excusing failures with doctrine. At some point you may look at the person you once were and sneer. You say you use to be young and foolish.

Today i miss those days, when nothing could stop me, not that harsh words of a friend or foe, not the harsh reality of life. I long for the days when all could be done, for that first love.

God, Help me to remember who set me out on this path, that i may walk in your ways and never forget that none of the treasures i earn on this earth will stand when i leave.

Let us all be raw, honest and broken vessels, and then God can use us for his Glory

Monday, February 28, 2011